The Girl is Here

on 03 January 2012

Everyone, we'd like you to meet Elizabeth Jane. 

She did not come quietly.  I had hoped for a nice, uneventful VBAC.  What I got was a moderately high-risk pregnancy, followed by a schedule c-section.  She came out positively screaming.  But then, she's named after my two favorite female writers--neither of whom came or went quietly from this Earth.  So how could I have expected anything differently from her?

It was a stressful day involving unpredictable and unacceptable blood sugars (on her part mainly, mine were high, but not scary).  We were all grateful for modern medicine and trained and competent medical professionals.

I really am going to write the details of her birth and post them here...but I think I'll wait until I'm not quite so doped up on percoset and can actually string together several articulate sentences.  Well, if not articulate, at least coherent.


Rae said...

Be still, my hormonal heart. She is beautiful. Cogratulations!

Cel and JP said...

I love this picture of the three of you. She is an angel. Welcome little Elizabeth!!

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. We are so happy for your family.

I have a note on my calendar that your birthday is *ahem* soon. (I didn't want to put the date in case you were concerned about it getting out, either to friends or to crazies). :) May you have a restful and wonderful day.