Three Years Bright

on 12 July 2011

Today is the Boy's birthday.

I always feel a little melancholy on his birthday.  That part has nothing to do with him, though.  He's grand.  But watching him grow so fast feels like watching myself age at an accelerated pace.  I just want to be around long enough to see him grow up, grow funnier, grow smarter, and grow a family of his own.

For now, I'm trying to enjoy the whirlwind that is life with him.  Him and his smile have illuminated this entire year.  He takes our hands and shines that smile of his into all the shadows that he knows nothing about.  And I for one thank Heavenly Father every day that he's a part of our family.

The Boy's 3rd Year from M on Vimeo.

Music: When I look at the World by U2

And just for fun, here's a look back at Year 1 and Year 2...that should explain why I get to feelin' maudlin on his birthday.

The Boy's First Year from M on Vimeo.

The boy's second year from M on Vimeo.


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday to the Boy! Man three years can fly, huh?

Brett said...

What a great video - I'm glad you finally got it to work! Thank you for this post... I really needed it. I haven't been feeling particularly thankful for my kids over the last several days as I'm in the middle of moving madness. It was a good reminder. :-) Love you!! And Happy Birthday to C!

Mirish said...

Happy Birthday Cam!! At Year 1 he looked more like Chris. Year 3, he's definitely you. Such a handsome lil fella who is all grown! May the Lord keep guiding and lighting his path all ways and always.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Awww. So adorable.

I want one.

Happy Birthday Cam!