Sweet, sweet honey

on 08 December 2009

Chris works.

Chris works hard.

Chris works with a wide variety of people.

Sometimes this wide variety of people bring him stuff.

Chris brings that stuff home.

Some of the stuff is GOOD stuff.

Case in point, last week Chris brought home this gorgeous bottle of honey.  My initial reaction was to mock such fancy pants stuff.  But then we UNCORKED it, sliced thick slices of my voluptuous homemade bread, spread on some butter and drizzled this honey all over it.

Oh.My.Dear.Sweet.Nectar of NATURE it is GOOD.

I have eaten nothing for the past 4 days but bread with butter and honey and I am NOT sorry.

You know how most honey, the honey you buy in the store tastes slightly sharp and edgey?  This is all smoothe edges, soft, melty sweetness.  Lights will literally fire off in your brain as you eat it.  You will speak in softer tones.  You will love the world.

So, that's my suggestion.  If you have those people in your life that you want to give something to them but they have everything they need, give them a bottle of this honey.  Remind them how sweet life can be.